Sample Data Collection

Sample Data Collection (SDC) helps evaluate Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) performance by evaluating system provisioning, technical publications, maintenance procedures, support equipment, and supply systems. Historical data, maintenance events, usage data, and narrative reports are collected for the SDC procedures. SDC:


  • Verifies or disproves suspected problems
  • Identifies labor intensive maintenance tasks
  • Leads to improved maintenance tasks
  • Provides data to support PLL/ASL reviews for future fielding
  • Identifies TM errors
  • Provides statistical data to support RAM analysis
  • Provides means to evaluate applied MWOs or ECPs
  • Provides data to evaluate logistical administrative delays in maintenance
  • Provides improvements to:
    • System design
    • Component design
    • Maintenance procedures
    • Test equipment
  • Assists in identifying and correcting logistics system problems
  • Facilitates effective operating cost planning
  • Allows updating of Maintenance Allocation Charts (MAC)
  • Supports planning of requirement documents for future systems


For more information on our SDC program, check out an excerpt from one of our newsletters.