Supply Chain Management

CAI's supply chain management acquires, stores, packages, ships, and manages parts that are needed to support our services. Our Newport News facility in Virginia houses over 8,000 square feet of secure storage space with a high bay receiving dock and significant outside storage. Conley programmers created an in-house, automated inventory management system to provide information regarding stock levels, inventory location, demand forecasts, and reorder points. Our system tracks inventory from its initial receiving to its distribution, converts ownership as required, and moves items into and out of inventory. Inventory is tagged appropriately with UID or RFID and managed by serial number. Items are then tracked during the shipment process. Costs are integrated into our enterprise system, along with the invoicing and final payment. Our system:


  • Provides real-time visibility of inventory
  • Tracks the receiving, picking, packing, and shipping operations
  • Manages kitting and assembly tasks
  • Identifies item locations
  • Provides fast-cycle counts by location
  • Creates UID & RFID labels
  • Incorporates web access barcodes (UID or RFID) wirelessly to inventory
  • Tracks the part or lot from vendor to customer
  • Provides visibility and tracking by serial number
  • Updates real-time inventory transactions
  • Identifies stock levels, demand forecasts, safety levels, and reorder points

Conley's warehouse management system is also integrated into our purchasing and accounting systems. Our vendor base is comprised of subcontractors, service providers, and suppliers which furnish a variety of parts to support our maritime programs. Reorder point notifications, based on customer-driven business rules, ensure that stock is replenished, preventing out-of-stock positions.


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